Frequently asked questions

Can anyone learn Applied Kinesiology?
No. The art of applied kinesiology requires an in depth understanding of the human body. Therefore the ICAK understands to be proficient one must have formal training in the human body. This includes, anatomy, physiology, neurology, and other training. Therefore to learn Applied Kinesiology one must be a healthcare professional or student of accredited recognized education. This would include MD, DC, DO, ND, OMD, DDS and similar recognized healthcare professional status.

Are all AK doctors the same?
No. No different than medical specialties themselves, some doctors of applied kinesiology specialize in various levels of focus. Some are focused mostly on physical evaluation and treatment while others focus on visceral and biochemical aspects. The doctor’s primary profession typically dictates their specific focus. In some ways learning AK helps a doctor as an adjunct to other accepted methods of diagnosis.¬†

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