International Board of Research and Standards (IBORS)

Welcome message from IBORS Chairman, Dr. Trevor Checuti

Statement of Purpose

The International Board of Research and Standards is comprised of members from ICAK chapters around the world. The Board has two major functions.

The first is to co-ordinate and evaluate research projects that enhance the understanding and application of Applied Kinesiology practice.

The second purpose of the board is to review existing research and procedures to clearly define what is acceptable standards of practice in technique and scientific application of Applied Kinesiology knowledge.

International Board of Research and Standards:

Chairman: Dr. Trevor Chetcuti – BCSc, BAppSc(clinical), DIBAK, CNET
IBE Representative: Dr. Alan Jenks – BSc, DC, DIBAK, DCBCN
Dr. David Leaf – DC, DIBAK
Dr. Mark Force – DC, DIBAK, FIAMA

All requests for information or questions should be directed to Dr. Trevor Chetcuti

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