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Applied Kinesiology (AK) is a system using basic muscle testing for evaluating areas of dysfunction within the body.

  • 1 What is the ICAK?

    The International College of Applied Kinesiology (ICAK) is a non profit interprofessional organisation dedicated to advance manual muscle testing as a system of diagnosis for evaluating areas of dysfunction within the body.
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  • 1 Annual Conference

    Join us in Washington D.C. on July 20-23, 2017, for ICAK-USA's International Meeting.
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  • 1 What is Applied Kinesiology?

    AK uses the Triad of Health. That is Chemical, Mental and Structural factors that balance the major health categories. The Triad of Health is interactive and all sides must be evaluated for the underlying cause of a problem. A health problem on one side of the triad can affect the other sides.
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  • 1 Published Research Papers

    Several hundred studies have shown that musculoskeletal pain produces muscle weakness, the detection of which makes the manual muscle test invaluable in clinical practice.
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  • 1 AK practitioners are all around the world!

    AK practitioners are located around the globe. Find a practitioner near you.
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Bert T. Hanicke


President 1976 – 1978



As the first chairperson after John Thie I felt it was my job to take a very new organization and help make it into a stable and growing one.


Our membership was growing slowly as we were becoming known to exist and what we were doing.


Some of the events and actions in these years:


Each member contributed questions to the exam pool we were developing for the International Board of Applied Kinesiology. The first Chair of IBE was John Stoutenberg.


Each member was required to present a paper at least once a year.


Each member gave all other members a copy of their teaching syllabus.


Dues became $240 per year. We could keep it low by the members doing all the work and meetings were paid for by those attending.


Research by Dr. Goodheart was to receive $10 per month per member from the dues.


The various committees that were formed became more active and their duties were clarified and outlined.


Dave Walther, D.C. started his research, using various instruments, into what was happening when we test a muscle.


A standard teaching syllabus was established so all teachers would be presenting the same material through out the world.


Started meeting twice a year.


These were exciting times and all was accomplished without an executive secretary. All members contributed. There was much help from “Mike” Edmonds at Dr. Goodheart’s office who was as hard a worker as any of us.

ICAK endorses the use of its skills by licensed health professionals only.