Applied kinesiology certification

There are so many applications of Applied Kinesiology that takes years to become proficient. The ICAK chapters around the world have varying levels of proficiency exams relevant to the specifics of a country, the professional medical degree as well. There are two primary levels however. 

PAK Certification is the official foundation certification. This requires a doctor taking no less than 100 hours of Applied Kinesiology curriculum then passing a proficiency test both hands-on and written. The ICAK DIBAK, meaning a Diplomate level, is the highest level of proficiency. This requires years of AK teaching of no less than 300 hours of certified curriculum. Most Diplomates take exponentially more hours to acquire this degree. It also involves a lengthy written test of six general topics, nutrition, acupuncture, etc. Publishing two observational papers with explanation and an in-depth videoed hands-on exam.

For specific answers on studying and earning credentials click here.

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